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        On the afternoon of 28 November, a long queue formed in front of the UIC University Hall for the 3rd FUCHONG Youth Entrepreneurship Forum, held for the first time on the new campus. Students were excited to hear from Chairman of the Board and President of Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, Ms Dong Mingzhu, as well as the CEO of Zhuhai Lcola Technology Co. Ltd., Ms Li Xiang, and the founder of Warmcar, Mr Liang Hongyu. They discussed their paths to success and innovative thinking with students and other attendees.

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        The forum not only attracted UIC teachers and students, but also attracted students from Sun Yat-sen University, the Zhuhai Campus of Jinan University, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, and Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai Campus, among other colleges and universities as well as entrepreneurs.

        To start the forum, President of UIC, Prof Ng Ching-Fai, said “Innovation and development are inevitable trends of the future”, stating that he hopes UIC students “Dare to think, dare to fight, dare to do, and dare to fail.”

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        As the keynote speaker at this forum, Ms Dong Mingzhu shared her work experience and discussed the significance of innovation with attendees.  As a business manager, she believes that enterprises should not only have sufficient capital and advanced machinery, but also have core technologies. They should build a sound enterprise system and development strategy. Secondly, Ms Dong believes that talent is crucial to future development. It is with a core team of researchers that Gree can master a number of the world's leading core technologies. Ms Dong told the students that “There is no ceiling in an industry. If there is, it is because one has stopped exploring their own potential. You should have the courage to challenge yourselves.”

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        The second speaker was Ms Li Xiang, with 15 years of experience in data acquisition and analysis, shared her experience and insight in developing an intelligent travel system during the past two years. Is China lacking the facilities for science and technology development? Ms Li found that there are more than 200 domestic electric car hardware vehicles, but a lack of smart car software. As a result, she founded Zhuhai Lcola Technology Co. Ltd. which specializes in smart car travel systems and focuses on the development of systems that secure owner information to intelligent devices and information security. Ms Li believes that intelligent travel is an inevitable trend in the future and hopes to build successful partnerships in the future.

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        Liang Hongyu, founder of Warmcar, started his business about two years ago. Mr Liang still believes in the development prospects of shared vehicles, because individually owning vehicles replies too much on oil, which is a major pollutant. Although the car rental market is popular, there are not many energy efficient car share programmes, so they decided to start one.

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        Following the Forum in the afternoon, a High Table Dinner was held for the first time in the multi-function room of the new campus that night. Ms Dong gave a second talk that evening as part of the dinner, in which she shared with the audience how to achieve their life goals.  

        Reporter: Samantha Burns
        Photographers: Ivy Liao, Guo Rui, Wu Wei
        Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
        (from MPRO)