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        The Division of Business and Management held a lecture on 30 October 2018, featuring the Managing Partner at RSM Hong Kong, Mr Eugene Liu as the guest speaker.

        Managing Partner at RSM Hong Kong, Mr Li, talking about business development

        Mr Liu is an active speaker on business development and IPO related areas, with 20 years of management experience. Before joining RSM Hong Kong, he was qualified with Arthur Andersen & Co. and joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1997.

        Mr Liu first asked the students if there were any accounting majors present. After a show of hands, he asked them to name famous firms that they had heard of. He then described his extensive experience in providing accounting, auditing and financial advisory services of how it can aid accounting students

        Mr Liu receiving an a gift from the Dean of DBM, Prof Stella Cho

        He continued his lecture with a brief summary of the history of business consultation. He then explained the specialised domains of management consulting: strategy, operations and process, financial advisory, human capital, and risk and compliance.

        IMG 0116

        “People may wonder why hiring consultants is important”, this question was answered with Mr Liu listing various reasons, including specialist knowledge, implementation, validation/assurance, independence/impartiality, and a surprising but honest reason, to blame somebody. He explained the honest truth how when things go wrong, there is a way to put the blame on someone or something else.

        IMG 0104

        However, he reassured the audience that business consultants exist to “manage the risks” and to “mitigate your business risks and empower you to win with confidence.”

        He supplied four reasons for positive outlooks on consulting services, and some of them come from the benefit of UIC’s location. He listed: globalisation, China’s economic and social influence in the region, Hong Kong’s “super-connector” role, and technology.

        DBM Foreign Intern, Mr Greg Lewis, asked “What separates a normal consultant from an outstanding consultant?” To which Mr Liu replied with an example of how some athletes are more famous than others; they, along with remarkable consultants firms, have an “intangible way of how [they] do the job.”

        Reporter: Marissa Furney
        Photgrapher: Ben Wen
        Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, étienne Fermie
        (from MPRO)